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Jigglypuff! Jiggly, jiggly, jiggly, jigglypuff!

Just cuz I'm small
I can't hurt you at all
I'm merely a girl, what to be!
Let me sing my song for you!

Not many came, this is my command!
I know I'm just trying to get to you!
Let me sing my song for you!

When you lay down late at night
On the siren you can't fight
I know you don't stand a chance!
There's nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby!

lullaby! (x3)
When I sing for you my lullaby!


Now that you see, it wasn't a dream
Reality got the best of me!
Told you boy I would come after you!

Now it's to late, you can't hesitate!
Can't hide this fate of deja vu
Watch out boy, I'm coming for you!


lullaby! (x3)
When I sing to you my lullaby!

In your sleep, it scares you so deep
My sweet Melody
Has captured you
Oh... forever more!

lullaby! (x3)
When I sing for my lullaby!
Sing my lullaby!


Sing my lullaby

Jigglypuff Puff! PUFF! Jigglypuff Jigglypuff!

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