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We're A Miracle

Here we are safe at last
We can breath aside
It seems the song as past
Through it all no one knew
That all the tears in heaven
Would bring me back to you

Love what I know imagined we would make it!
But it only matters that we both believe!

You and me, we're a miracle
Meant to be and nothing can change it.
Mountains move and oceans part when they are standing in our way!
You and me, we're a miracle
Angels stand watching over us.
And heaven shine upon us everyday!

Every time I felt near defeat!
You were there for me
On my side completely
You give me strength
You send me free!
Just as because of you
I'm more then I can be!

When I'm with you the world belongs to us
Together there is nothing we can do!


The chance that someday likely
that we will ever meet
Two stars among the heavens
Destiny brought you to me!


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